Thursday, March 8, 2012

Midnight in 1950

Vivian Beverly Day was no girl next door. No, she was the sort of girl that everyone hated but was secretly envious of. With a new fling every night and the latest styles in her closet, she was content with her outwardly perfect life. That is—until her mother decided to become engaged to Sargent General Marple. Suddenly her life had restrictions and she was forced to take care of her soon-to-be-goody-to-shoes sister, Frances May. 
And that in its self was a struggle. Especially since Frances May’s best friend was a happy-go-lucky girl by the name of Ruby Jean Kennedy, the girl who was against everything Vivian stood for. It was more than she could handle.
Thankfully, Vivian had her sidekick Dennis to keep her sane, even if he was in love with the bad boy Kenneth. Though the name Kenneth wasn’t a bad boy sort of name, he was as bad as they came. Or at least…so she thought…No one really knew much about Kenneth. His life was a mystery to all those who met him. The only thing everyone was sure about was that he had a strange interest in Vivian and Frances May. It wasn’t even an interest, more of the fact that he knew everything about their parents. Even some things the two girls didn’t know and never would if he could help it.

About a week ago my friends and I decided to go bowling and as we were getting ready we each got a little too excited. What was meant to be a friendly competition became a blast from the past outing. Dressed in our best rockabilly’s attire, we made out way to Johnny Rockets, where chowed down on grub 1950’s style. There we created a story we were all apart of, each with own characters and back round stories. By the time we actually went bowling though are simple story became one of mystery and suspense. In the end it was just another fun evening with my friends.


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