Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Renaissance Faire


When the last of the winter frost melts and sharp winds come to halt my kind comes out of hibernation. We wrap our bodies in the colorful skirts and bodices, flowy shirts and trousers of the yesteryears, the years we know we should have been born in. Booths are made for all different sorts of tricks and trades, while other practice their performance for the festivities ahead. With the mounting of the maypole we know it has begun, and the Renaissance Fair has commenced.

Lining the gates that have been cut out of a pirate ship those who were not lucky enough to snag jobs wait for the wooden doors to open. Looking at others around them, comparing renaissance garb to see whose outfit is more authentic and snubbing the tourists who didn’t bother dressing up at all. Something the tourists immediately regretted. A bellowing voice interrupts our judgmental minds and one of the workers, dressed in the finest fabrics of their time, introduces us all to Queen Elizabeth. Guest and workers alike bow before her greatness and listen to her speech. When she has finished, the gates open and we are allowed in but only if we push and shove.

Once inside, we discover a new world is upon us and it would seem as though we really have traveled back in time to the days each of us has dreamed about. Before us lays a village filled with authentic articles of clothing, trinkets, and weaponry, lessons in archery, javelin, and spinning, and people living in the moment of a different time and not self-conscious of doing so.

Running through the dirt roads with my friends, people scorn me for my naked head. Telling me that its not right for a young lady to have a bare head in public. Wanting it to end, I went to booth peddling crowns and purchased a circlet with the zodiac sign of cancer upon it.

While we were admiring the artwork through out the fair we met a lady spinning wool into thread. She was such a kind soul who was nice enough to take the time to teach us how to spin properly. Thanks to her I now have a bracelet made out of thread I spun myself. After, my friends and I took a few lessons in archery, javelin throwing, and knife throwing (Things I will discuss in later blogs) and observed the people around us. The way they talk, dressed and interacted was most intriguing and as I did, I decided I wanted to combine my world with theirs. Their way of life was so simple, so artistic, fun, and meaningful, that I longed for it.

There is something about hard work and drive that is so attractive in a person, that it makes you wish the rest of the world could be the same. And within that moment I wished everyday could be like the Renaissance Fair.

Hudson Kelly x


  1. hello Instagram friend. You have a lovely blog.

    Anna (skinblisterblog) xx

    1. Oh, hello, thank you so much. You have just made my day!

      Hudson x