Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out


If you were to start a conversation with me about dinosaurs my brain would automatically go to the film franchise, Land Before Time, a childhood favorite. I remember wishing I was either Little Foot or Duckie, never quite sure which dinosaur was better. But as I grew up and my taste in films changed, so did my interest in dinosaurs. I lost all fascination for the extinct creatures and in my mind they were just fossils, something that had once been and were now nevermore. But to some people, dinosaurs are still the most amazing reptiles to have ever roamed the earth. One such individual happens to be my friend Eric. 

He adores the animals of legend so much, that if you were to ask him about them he would not only tell you that his favorite dinosaur is the Parasaurolophus, but he would also give you a full explanation about why he chose this rare beast. I believe it has something to do with the shape of their heads head and the sound it makes. Honestly his is knowledge of dinosaurs is quite extensive that I feel as though I should stop trying to write about them now while I am still ahead. Instead I would like to draw attention to his love for them and my indifference.

Normally, if I don’t like something I don’t do it but if someone I care about wants to, I tend to put up with it despite my general feelings towards it. So when Eric realized we would pass by World’s Biggest Dinosaur --a place in the middle of nowhere that has giant concrete dinosaurs-- on our way to camp, I came to the conclusion I was stuck and had to go. Sadly, I had gone there once before and the only thing it left me with was memories on how I wanted to be anywhere but there. But who was I to ruin his dreams? 

When we arrived it was just how I remembered it: Hot, windy, and filled with dinosaurs in need of a fresh coat of paint. Nervously I turned to Eric, hoping he wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome of our detour, but instead I saw a child who seemed to be visiting Disneyland for their first time and suddenly the barren wasteland became a place filled with magic.

Together we ran around like kids, posing like dinosaurs and climbing into a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s mouth. While we were there he bought many figurines of his favorite dinosaur and left with a huge smile on his face. Giving us a bright start to camp counselor duties, also giving me a new appreciation for dinosaurs.

The quote above is from the Scottish actor Collin Mochrie.

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