Monday, March 31, 2014

The First Few Days

After that discouraging day of travel, things only went up. Forcing myself to be adventurous, I went to my complimentary breakfast and ate the best croissant of my life alone and then went to explore the town of Alibr. In order to get to Albir you have to walk down this tragically beautiful run down alley that goes through little farms and orange groves. Its beauty began to lift my spirits.

In town I kept myself busy that way I didn’t have to return to the hotel and become a recluse. First I want to an empty park (excluding the gardener) and read, then I visited the beach where I was mesmerized by it’s clear blue waters and the smooth white stones that littered the ground instead of sand, after I ventured inland where I ate at a little café and people watched. Though it wasn’t a very riveting day, it was nice and much needed after the hectic one I had had before.

The next day I was surprised by how great I was feeling and decided to go on (what should have been) a two-hour round-trip hike to the Camino El Faro. The beauty I saw that day was unbelievable, it was everything I hoped to see in Spain and more.

During the hike I met this really nice Norwegian lady with blue eyeliner who told me about her homeland and the history of the Camino El Faro. She was so sweet and gave me all the encouragement I needed to get through this upcoming adventure.

The lighthouse itself was really nothing special, but the view showed so much beauty off of the path that I decided to off road it during my journey back.

Finding a small clearing far enough from the other tourists, I decided to be rather hippie and lay down the many scarfs and coats I had brought with me and made a bed. Lying in the heat of the sun I put in my ear buds and began a meditation body scan. Giving in to the now, I escaped reality and become one with nature. The birds chirping around me just added to the magical effect the meditation brought and when it was over I felt as though I had been born again.

As I finished the rest of my hike through the Camino El Faro I began to notices the changes in my body, but more than that I noticed a change in me. As I walked back to civilization and looked around me, I wanted to cry because in that moment I had fallen in love with nature. There was nothing more beautiful in the world than earth itself and I finally felt at one with it. No longer did I wonder what people were doing back home or what my future was going to be like. Instead I wondered who else had walked these paths and if trees could talk what would stories would they have. Yes they were all silly childish thoughts but for my first time ever I stayed in the present even after I came out of a mediation or a yoga class. For the first time I felt at one with myself.

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