Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Perusal of People

The next book on my list.
Something every writer needs.
Different authors, different stories, and yet the covers are practically the same.
As of this moment I am sitting in my local Barnes and Nobles redefining my stories outline. Though the general point and outcome of the story is still the same as it was three years ago (when I started writing) getting from point A to point B has been rather difficult. Thankfully my outlining processes is somewhat flawless and the only thing I have to update is adding in scenes to help others make sense, getting rid of redundancies, or simply condensing.

Anyway, as I sit in the cafe section writing my story, the book store is bursting with little stories of it's own --and I am not talking about the ones sitting on shelves. Next to me a simple job interview has gone astray as the hopeful applicant tries to woo his interviewer. I would say it's cute, but then I would be lying. His voice has dropped an octave and he has added a suave sort of texture to it that rubs me the wrong way. But apparently she likes it. Behind them is a very attractive young man, maybe around my age and obviously from a different country. He sits in the corner sipping his drink as he reads over his worn out copy of Blink.

It's moments like these when the writer in me comes out. Hiding behind my story, I dare not steal a glance but instead imagine what would happen if I was someone a bit more confident or even flirtatious. Actually, I do not want to imagine myself flirtatious. Flirty people bother me. Example? The applicant chatting up his interviewer.

I keep trying to tune them out but so far I'm finding this to be impossible. He has so far recited all of the typical go to lines. I mean he started the conversation with:

"Never been married or had kids. Something I regret because it is rather lonely."

I don't think I have been this disgusted with a human being since last year when this guy had to drive me to school a couple of times. Plus the applicant is blocking my view of the attractive Italian. Or at least I think he is Italian, he isn't very good at whispering.

Behind me is a worker doing a very thorough job of sorting through the exercise and fitness books. Though she is probably only going through the motions of a typical day at work, I would like to think her mind is off in a different land. Everyone here kind of is. Whether it is a world of the past or future, fantasy or fiction, personal or out of body, they are content with the emotions it gives them.

 So this gross flirt just said, and I quote:

"This Lady asked if she could take me in so she can appreciate my flavor."

He has officially killed my creativity. Is this what we girls have to look forward to? Guys like that? How dreadful! What happened to honorable gentleman and chivalrous knights who strung their words together in such an elegantly witty sort of way?

And on a unrelated note, Paige has just informed me she is getting me this for my phone. My phone and I are so excited for it to arrive. THANK YOU PAIGE!


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