Monday, March 19, 2012

Three Steps Closer

Dear Reader,

Ecstatic, delighted, over the moon. These are only a few adjectives that describe how I feel right now. But in order to tell you why I must start at the beginning.

About two month ago my friend Eric told me he was applying for a job as a youth counselor for summer art camp. Nervously I asked if he wouldn't mind if I applied for it as well to which he said, "It would be such a party if we both got it." So with his consent I quickly filled out an application and sent it off in hopes of getting the job. The picture above is of me sending off my application. Don't you just love my dad's over sized plaid, flannel shirt?

Then about three weeks back I had my over-the-phone interview with one of the ladies in charge. After the interview was over I felt pretty good. The outcome of my summer job status was looking bright. I mean it went really well. It was easy, I made her laugh, and she seemed to really like me. But after Eric had his interview on Wednesday all of my confidence left.

At that very moment it dawned on me that the lady who had interviewed me could have been really friendly and made everyone feel like they were a shoe in. From that moment onward all of my confidence was gone and for the past few days I went through life one minute at a time. I began to doubt myself in everything I was working towards. But then today happened and everything changed.

At exactly 2:28pm I missed the call that held the important information about my future job situation. Listening to the voicemail nervously I heard the words, "congratulations you--" and before I could hear the rest I called her back practically screaming. I don't think anything I said from that point onward made any sense but I believe she got the jist.

I am so excited for this summer I don't think any of you can truly comprehend what I am going through right now. But if you do then I am happy for you. Because that means you are having this same happiness in your life as well!


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