Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Birth of Spring

Photo by: Hudson Kelly

You can feel it sometimes, the coming of spring. It’s starts with a calling. The calling comes from that place where you store the remains of your childhood. The bits of it you cannot bare to part with. And there the calling is, finally breaking free, begging you to come out and frolic in the sun.
For me this voice came after my baby sister’s Spring Sing. As I sat in the audience, listening to her angelic voice sing I was suddenly overcome with the need to go on a walk. The second the performance was over I grabbed my bag, told my mom I would meet her at home, and made my way through the streets of my hometown. As I walked my mind wandered away from me and settled itself in the land of what ifs, while feet went down streets I hadn’t walked on in years because of my ability to drive.
As the wind blew my hair out of my face and the sun hugged me with it’s warmth, I tried to think about my future. Knowing that I needed to sort out my goals and plan out each of my steps to get there but I couldn’t, I was enjoying the day. So I thought about myself. Where I was at in my life and what I was happy with.
When I reached my street I did not stop, I kept going, knowing that home was not where I was suppose to be. So I followed my gut until I reached a grassy field by my house and, because it felt right, I sat down on a bench, withdrew my portable notebook and pen, and began to write.
 Not being able to stop, I poured my heart out to that little gray notebook with the purple strap. I wrote down my uncertainties and my fears, my secrets and my epiphanies and I kept writing until there was nothing left in me and when it was over I laid myself down on a grassy hill, closed my eyes and dreamed.
As I meditated in the sun, the world around me started to make sense and I realized I had to let go. Sometimes over planning your life does not help you future, but living in the moment and taking that moment to breathe does.
When I awoke, I found a ladybug crawling on my arm. Staring at her as I basked in the sun, I felt the little lady’s luck grow inside me until I was rejuvenated. Picking up my bag, I ran home, grabbed my guitar and returned to my little spot on the hill of the grassy meadow and began strumming out a tune until a song came forth. And in that moment, I knew spring, the time of rebirth, had come.

Hudson Kelly x


  1. I love the moments that spring brings- you have captured this one quite well. Alas, would that I could find myself a grassy knoll right this moment!

    1. Great word Michaelanne, I forgot all about the word knoll!

  2. What a wonderful sounding walk and a fine retelling of that event. A good walk can be such an inspiration and a time for head cleaning.

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    1. Yes, it was quite magical. Since then I have been walking everyday and learning new things with each step.