Saturday, May 26, 2012

After Neverland

As I write this particular post I sit in the back of a jam-packed bus, listening to Fairytale, an instrumental number by Once in a Red Moon (one of my favorite Old English folk song’s, even if it was composed quite recently), heading off to a much-needed writing retreat. 

Since the fall I have been feeling uninspired my surroundings. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem because I had already accepted my mundane life and didn’t think that there was anything all that magical outside of my imagination and books. But then, in 2011, I was accepted into a very prestigious art school for Creative Writing and simple world was turned upside down. 

Suddenly my life was filled with artsy, outgoing, and creative people who didn’t care what the outside world had thought of them (something that very evident in way they dressed). Within no time at all I had new friends that would take me on crazy adventures and introduces me to places like The The Gypsy Den or secret libraries hidden underground. Giving me my most magical year thus far.

But magic is a fickle thing and sooner or later it wears off. After finding my Neverland and meeting friends I could only dream of making, I came to the decision that what I was experiencing was my golden year, the year my life was like a fairytale. But just because something ends happily, does not mean you get a happily ever after. Being forced back into the world I had left, I soon found myself struggling to fake a smile. Making me feel like a circus character, wandering the railway tracks searching for a big red tent and a family of freaks to call her own.

Over this past year I kept in touch with my old family of artsy freaks and even made a new one. Making me feel less like a weary traveler and more like someone who belongs. But for the past few months we have been very busy, each of us dealing with things like school, work, or blossoming relationships. Being more of an independent person, I have enjoyed this time of solitude. Using each precious moment to get through my studies, start a blog, and do some spring-cleaning. In fact I even got a new job to make some extra cash. But now that everything is in its place, and my first year of university is over with, all I want is an adventure. Something none of my friend can do at the moment since they are still going through their final exams.

I know an adventure is on its way though. Starting this Tuesday my friends will be done with their studies and we will be able to continue our Baking Thursdays, bike rides, and game nights. But as for now, I will sit here contently and write adventures of my own, secretly anticipating the new ones to come.

The pictures were taken and edited by my good friend, Brandon Lee. I am wearing a black dress in chiffon crêpe dress from H&M and a pair of black tights. The shoes I got at a shoe outlet for $20 and the gloves were from Next. the jewelry, they were gifts given to me over the years. As for the skirt, I made it with some elastic, black and red tool, white felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun about two years ago 


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  1. Merry Adventuring! I think things are coming along and I am excited to see what the summer holds!