Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It happened on one of them Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah days...

Yesterday my Baby Sister and I went off on an adventure to the most magical place on earth and I honestly couldn't tell you who was more excited, the child or me. Besides the fact that I am a Disney girl at heart, today’s trip also happened to cross an item off of my childhood dreams list.

When I was a little girl, around my Baby Sister's age, I used to wish everyday that I had a secret older sibling, hidden away for goodness knows why, who would come and whisk me away at a moments notice to go to places as amazing as Disneyland, but alas, I was cursed- I mean- blessed with being the oldest. But yesterday I was able to make that wish come true --in an opposite sort of way-- by taking my baby sister out on our own magical adventure.

Like all great adventure stories though, you have to face your three trials before you achieve your intended goal. Ours happened to be the missing camera (Hence all of the phone pictures), faulty machinery that denied our passes twice, and a crowded park that made the lines at least thirty minutes long. But luckily for me my partner in action was my baby sister. A girl that didn’t care about how long the lines were or how clammy the weather became, she only concern was accidentally letting go of me, because being together was enough magic for her.
With the map of the parks in hand, we chose our route wisely and navigated through the throng of people best we could. And thanks to our excellent planning we were able to get on five rides, see The Muppet Show, and throw our pennies into Snow White’s Wishing Well. All and all I would have to say it was quite a successful outing at Disneyland.
Actually, the trip was more than successful. The trip was a necessity; not only for me now, but also, for my future. She took me back to the days when I was a child and my only goals were to have Pluto lick my face and have enough chocolate ice cream to last me until eternity. Sometimes I think we forget how simple life truly is and if we were to take a step back from all of the hustle and bustle and look at the world though a child's eyes we would remember that life is worth living, not planning.
Before we left, the two of us took part in a Disneyland, family tradition and bought some chocolate coins. As we walked from the monorail to the parking lot we came across a gazebo in the middle of a deserted garden. Deciding to relax in it's shade for a bit, we divide up our coins and talked about silly things only children could think of, things we need to remember. 

When we left the gazebo my baby sister informed me that that was where people got married. Then, after a momesnt of thought, she asked what age I was planning on getting married. Since I am no where near that point in my life, nor do I have anyone at the moment to fulfill the other half of that sacrament, I answered her with the age I had decided upon as a child: 25. To this she shook her head and said I should get married younger because, according to her, "the sooner you do it, the more you don't have to, and then it's done."

Teaching me once again, not to over plan my life but to just to do things when they are presented to me.

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