Thursday, July 12, 2012

Family Camp

After what seems like a lifetime --though it has only been eleven days-- I have finally returned to the blogging world. Why was I away for so long? Well because last week was family camp!

Family camp is like a normal summer camp except this time the entire family shows up and together everyone partakes in camp like things, such as feild games, talent shows, and (since this is an art camp) art classes. Pretty self-explanatory, I know, but you wouldn't believe how many of my friends back home have asked me what Family Camp actually entails.

I must say, though I was originally nervous about my first set of campers, it was quite fun. Through out the week a new bond began to form throughout the counsolers and our family grew as we each met kids we wanted to adopt as our own. And as the week progressed I learned new things like how to throw a football and how not to scream when it is being thrown at me.
Another fun thing that happened during that week was when two of my very good friends and fellow counselors (Isabelle and Kylie) and I bought/ate ice cream at midnight. Because of this we got super hyper and decided to create a YouTube channel. Our YouTube name was coined from the title our fellow counselors have given us because of our extreme height.


P.S. above is a picture of me with one of our campers, Raleigh. He was by far one of my favorites and I hope to one day have a son as cool as him.

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