Monday, July 16, 2012

Just around the riverbend

Though my summer has been quite rewarding, it wasn't until recently that I discovered I was taking my new home for granted. On Thursday the workers of this fine arts camp experienced cool winds for the first time since our arrival. So after our morning meeting I returned to my dorms, tugged a pair of jeans over my sun damaged legs and set off on an adventure.

Walking through the tall tree's of the forest that surrounded me, I reached a brook I happened upon my first week here. This particular brook is by far the prettiest one I have seen in a long time. It happens to remind me a bit of England or more specifically a film I watched as a child, entitled Fairytale: Based on a True Story.

As I mentioned before in a past post, I have always been interested by the mythical folk of the fairy realms. The whimsical or terrifying nature of each creature has always fascinated me beyond all measure. So whenever I find some place that is whimsical and would seem as though these beings from fables lived there, I write down the coordinates and return whenever I am in need of a little bit of magic.

And, I am excited to announce, that just beyond the riverbend more magic will be coming my way since I am going to be living England for three months starting August 25.

I will say --though I am extremely excited to be returning to my second home-- I am a bit concerned with who I will be spending most of my time with when over there. After all, it has been five years since I was last there and that time I came over with a friend. What am I suppose to do this time? True I will have my family, but spending three months straight with anyone could drive the sanest person crazy. So what am I to do? How do people meet others in a different country when they aren't in school?

A job would be my first option but that seems really unlikely since there are practically no jobs in England right now and that leaves me with my option left, I must hang out in bookstores and museums until someone notices me. A solution I am not too optimistic about. So if any of you guys have ideas about how to meet people please let me know in the comments below and I will be tremendously grateful.

The title is from the song Just Around the Riverbend from the Disney film Pocahontas.

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