Sunday, August 26, 2012

Airplane Adventures Part 1

After an hour long flight with the kiosk machine and thirteen hours of flying I finally made it to England. Which I must say was an adventure in it’s self.

Thankfully towards the beginning of this adventure I had my friends Paige, Arianna, Eric, and Brandon by my side to help make things somewhat easier, but when we reached security I was forced to say good bye by the laws of the airport and fend for myself (something that turned out to be a lot easier than I had originally expected). After a few moments I discovered that I loved the airport but more than anything I loved being in it alone.

You would think it would make for a boring plane ride but in fact it was the exact opposite. Because I was by myself I made friends with a New Zealander with blue and purple highlights named Noam. He was around my age and heading off to his second year of college. Together we played cards and joked about one day meeting up in the future while we waited in our terminal. All and all he was a pretty cool guy who I will probably never see again but had the pleasure of meeting.

On my first flight I was stuck sitting next to these two men who would only discuss the topics of politics and universities-- two things I really have no interest in. So instead I focused my attention on writing letters, making friendship bracelets, and reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell (an author who is much more appreciated in her homeland than in America).

When the plane landed I quickly stood up so that I could run to connecting flight, but the passage way between the airport and our plane had broken during our landing so I was stuck for a good thirty minutes hoping I wouldn’t miss my flight. When it was finally fixed I frantically ran through airport only to discover that my connecting flight was boarded and waiting for me.

During the last flight nothing really exciting happened since all I did was watch The Avengers and sleep (something I had never done on a plane before). And now that I have conquered the airport on my own I now feel as though I can get through whatever this adventure throws at me.

Thank you Paige, Arianna, Eric, and Brandon for all of your help! I couldn't have asked for a better send of party.

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