Friday, August 24, 2012

They say we are all One

Walking through the foliage and trees of the mountain, six girls climbed to the top. They weren’t going anywhere particular nor did they have any reason to go there but they did anyway. Sometimes you have to escape the world below and make yourself believe that you really are on the only ones alive to truly appreciate what you have and to know what you actually need.

When the six girls reached a flat boulder at the top they all took their seats and looked out a the beauty beyond them. They listened to the sound of the distant waterfall splashing against the rocks and examined the neighboring mountain in front of them. Upon it they saw amongst the tall green trees stood one auburn one. It would have looked rather lonesome if it weren’t the one matching green tree next to it. If tree's had stories of love it would seem that's this tree's only goal was to make the auburn one feel loved.

The scene was so romantic that one of the girls pulled out a book of poetry and began to read aloud while the five others placed themselves in random positions and listened eagerly to each passing phrase. Together they were at peace and on that rock things finally made sense.

Why must we complicate our lives with menial things such as who likes who and the size of our pants? How come nobody focuses on the moment and treats everyday like an adventure? As I lay on that boulder with my five friends I realized how rare it was that we should all enjoy this form of activity. None of us are from the same sort of group, in fact all of us come from different walks of life. And yet, within that moment, we were all pulled together by the art of the written word and mother nature herself.

One of the Lizards
was blowing bubbles
as it did pushups on the tree trunk
I did pushups this morning
on the carpet
and I blew bubbles of Bazooka
last night in the car
I believe the mystics are right
when they say we are all One 


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