Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pen Pals

One thing you should know about me is that I am driven. If I want something, nothing ever stands in my way, well unless there is food. And sadly there is always food present so nothing exciting ever happens to me. But sometimes I want something that surpasses my love for food and that is when I become unstoppable.

When I was a junior in high school, I decided I was tired of the small town life and I needed to get out. So what did I do? I auditioned for one of the most prestigious art high schools in the country in hopes of changing my future. Not that I didn't love my hometown, I just did not want to be stuck there forever. Plus I wanted to go on great adventures and write endless amount of stories, which I was able to do since I got in for creative writing and was allowed to go my senior year.

There was a catch though, in order to get there I had to drive on the freeway for an hour each way and since I was afraid of the freeway I decided to joined a carpool group. Something that can not only be fun but cause a lot of problems. Either way it happens create bonds that last a lifetime.

One of these bonds was with a freshman named Olivia, since we were constantly driving together I adopted her as my honorary sister. Olivia is very funny, sweet individual who happens to tell the best stories and always has a cheery can-do attitude. No car ride is complete with out her I assure you. And even though a year has past since our last carpool she still remains my adopted sister and we have since then become Pen Pals.

Originally we were only suppose to send letters but two weeks ago she step it up a notch by sending me my very first care package.

This care package was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Inside was a giant ziplock bag filled with cowboy cookies made from scratch by the wonderful bakers Mima (Olivia's grandmother) and my Pen Pal herself. They even bought me a huge bag of Starbursts. It was a gift from the gods, something you would know to be true if you had ever tried one of Mima's delectable creations. Also, inside the package was a beautifully written letter from them both that kept me smiling all week long.

To Olivia and Mima, thank you!

HK x

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