Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mother Nature

Before we enter grade school we learn a lot of important lessons such as "sharing is caring" and "if you make the mess you clean it up", lessons that become engrained into our brains and sort of haunt us forever-- or at least our parents hope. But there is one lesson that stand out amongst all the rest of me, which is "don't me a litterbug."
I remember one day --back when I was three or four-- I was walking to the playground with my fellow classmates and the teacher on hand told us, once again, not to litter, this time adding that if we did we would kill Mother Nature. Now she probably said dirty, not kill but in my little four-year-old brain I heard a word so much more drastic. It wasn't that I was being over dramatic; I just had a very active imagination that made everything a bit more… intense. It was on that day when Mother Nature became a person as great and magical to me as Santa Clause.
To me she was some long haired, feral woman in tattered clothes imprisoned under the cemented sidewalks and paved roads. She was sad and desperate because she dying from all the pain we had put her through. And with this image ingrained into my young mind I was haunted by the cruel things we humans did. From that day forward I would pick up any trash on the ground and reprimand the people who subconsciously hurt her.  At one point of my youth I protested against cars, saying that they were the things that were smothering her and keeping her from growing. Back then I thought she was so scared for her future that that was why she lashed out with earthquakes and tsunamis, hoping with each natural disaster we would stop this abomination and help her thrive. Something we still haven’t let her do.
Now that I am older I realize how insane most of that sounds but it still doesn’t mean we should be careless and ruin our planet. No, we should do our best to protect her and keep her safe. Each of us should be aware of our dying planet and try to help her by recycling and become just little more eco friendly. Below are five simple steps to lessen are carbon foot print:
  1. Recycle and reuse
  2. Carpool once a week
  3. Replace bottled water with reusable, portable bottles
  4. Clean up trash (whether it's your's or not)
  5. Unplug unused chargers/appliances and turn off unnecessary lights.
HK x 
The outfit in the pictures above was styled by my friend Elana. The sweater and jewelery is from her closet while the skirt is from my aunts. The earthy feel of the photographs was inspired by my four year old interpretation of Mother Nature.

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