Thursday, September 6, 2012

Germany Adventures

A week ago my mom and I went a mini adventure within my giant one and spent a few days in Munich, Germany. It was a beautiful country with lovely sights to see but since it was also the first country I had ever been to where the first language was not English it was as confusing as the Island of Crete.

When we first arrived to the country we discovered that my conditioner bottle had exploded in my suitcase. Thankfully I had put all my clothes in my other bag but still that meant all of my chords and books were pretty much ruined. So my first day in Germany was spent wiping conditioner off all of my belongings.

Are first full day was thankfully all more adventurous since we decided to take on the town. Though Munich was lovely it really wasn’t to exciting since I have never big a huge fan of city life. So instead we explored city hall and decided to do some shopping, something neither my mom nor I enjoy. But since we were having an adventure we tried it anyways and within thirty minutes of it we were already exhausted and left with one item each; a navy blue top for my mom and an orange and blue stripped, African print tunic for me. It kind of reminds me of The Lion King.

The next day we woke up extra early so we could make a tour bus headed towards two of King Ludwig castles, the Linderhof Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle. The latter was the castle Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauties castle after and the former was the home where the king spent his final years. This adventure was more up our alley since we have always loved exploring history and what has come from it. If it weren’t for the terrible jet lag I was still getting over I would have never wanted to leave.

While we were exploring the castles we met two stewardesses who were on our tour, Sabina (who was from Russia) and Lesya (who was from the Ukraine). Sabina was kind enough to teach me some more German words to help me get by and at the end of the day the three of us exchanged information that way if any of us were ever traveling in each others homelands we would have a place to stay.

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