Monday, September 10, 2012

London adventures and the very cool hotel


After our plane from Germany landed in England we decided to explore London for the next few days and because of this we ended up in the coolest hotel in history. Now when I say cool I don’t mean my interpretation of cool (which is basically anything The Doctor thinks is). No, I mean the media’s perception of the word. Just a imagine a place where a mass of disco balls are hanging in groups from the ceiling and neon lights line the walls and furniture, a place where the cool, rich twenty year olds go for a weekend excursion. That was the place we had happened to check into. It looked like I place I would go to with a boyfriend in two years or so, but not a place I would go to with my mom.

As we stayed in the this incredibly cool room we joked about how we were no where near cool enough for this place and wondered how we managed to book a room there. A mystery neither of us has yet to figure out. Thankfully that was the only place we felt out of and we enjoyed the rest of London immensely.

For our first full day of exploring we walked around Lester Square and visited the National Gallery where I saw the painting of Portrait of Louis-Auguste Schwiter (which I talked about in an earlier post). Then that evening we went to the West End to see the play 39 Steps, a comedic take off of the very famous book and Hitchcock film. Since I am already a fan of the story I found the show to be quite hilarious and very enjoyable. I have gladly added it to my list of favorites.

The next day we went to visit 221 B Bakers Street, where we explored Sherlock Holmes house. There, I invested in a deerstalker hat and decided I will one day own the entire Sherlock Holmes ensemble. After my mom and I tried shopping again and then went on a nice stroll through many of London’s grand parks.

All and all I would say it was quite a pleasant trip down to London where I discovered that I am very good at working public transportation and figuring out where things are.


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  1. Glad to see you're enjoying London and blogging too, good multitasking! Did you go clubbing in Leicester Square at all? I don't live all that far from there. Did you visit any of London's libraries?
    Christobel x