Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yonder in York


Last Saturday my friend, Michaelanne and I explored the ancient city of York. Together we trekked up all two hundred and sixty-some stairs of York Minster’s Tower, marched across the great York Wall, and tried all the great delectable nourishment the city had to offer. I even got to try my first serving of fish and chips (something I feel would have tasted better if I wasn’t a vegetarian) and had some of the most relaxing Hot Chocolate I have ever tasted.. Though I am not a big fan of cities and would never wish to live in one, I would have to make an exception for this York. There is so much history hidden with in it’s chiseled stone that I do not think I could ever refuse a trip there.

I remembered as I walked down the cobbled roads I could not help but think of the Romans soldiers who had walked them before me; all the memories that had died with the old residents, and the history that was made there. I was once told that York was the oldest and most haunted town in the western world, now whether or not that is true I could not say, but I can assure you it is by far one of the greatest. Just one visit alone made me wish for a time machine all the more.


For my adventure in York I threw on a pair of black tights and a white laced dress from Next, when it cold I was able to bundle up in my scarf from Marks and Spencers and my mom's shrug from CAbi. Michaelanne is wearing a collection of clothing she borrow from a multiple of friend's closets. the hat is from goodwill, the purple pants are free people, the white shirt is a Ralph Lauren from her dad's closet, the cream sweater is my Grandad's (originally from Old Navy), and the black pea coat from anthropology is from her fairy-godmother's wardrobe. The YouTube video can be found on my channel:

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