Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Midnight Showing

Glimmer, Katniss, Peeta, Effie, Cinna

A.K.A District 13

Bobby pins and curlers littered the bathroom counter that was already sprinkled with eye shadow. If it weren’t for the sweat on my brow one might have mistaken it for fairy dust. 

Opening a window, I tried to air out the room of the suffocating hairspray. After, I searched through the clothes scattered across the ground until I found three tubes of mascara. Applying each brush to my eyelashes I prayed one of them would work.
With my eyes closed I took a deep breath, coughed for a few minutes, then opened them. Reviewing my work harshly I noted that the long sleeve olive top was acceptable and the beige cotton vest was a nice touch. The navy blue jean on the other hand made me hesitate. They wouldn’t blend in very well with a forest but what more could I do? I only owned three pairs of jeans. Bringing my focus to my hair, I made sure each of my four French braids wove perfectly into my one side braid while still looking messy. Lastly I picked up my black boots and yanked them on.
I was ready to go see The Hunger Games.

Dear Reader,

Oh. My. Goodness.


The Hunger Games film was just wow. There is really other explanation I could possibly give.

Whenever I go to the theater to watch a film adapted from a book I love I am always a bit nervous. They could easily recreate the Eragon mishap (not only a terrible film but it even ruined the books!) or worse, turn it into some sappy love story --which it's not. And honestly when has Hollywood ever adapted a film correctly? Um, never (even though they have come pretty close with some films). So you can understand my uncertainty.

Rest assured, your beloved novel is still intact. It was beautifully done. Even though they had to get rid of a few minor characters and condense some scenes, they did it respectfully. They didn't add in anything that wasn't already apart of the series.

In other words, I loved the film, they kept it true to the book, and I plan on seeing it again.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be in your favor!


  1. love the supermarket photos. I'm yet to read or watch the Hunger Games. Just haven't gotten around to it yet but I must!

    1. Thank you. With popcorn prices being as high as they are, my friends and I have made it a tradition to buy a bunch of cheep candy before hand.

      Its not the best written book but it was a fun read. It is really good at sucking you in and making you forget about the world around you. The film was incredible though! The author also wrote the screenplay and, honestly, I think she is a better screenwriter. Nevertheless read the book first and then go see the movie. You won't regret it.